Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Bit of Sunshine

There is a John Denver song (raise your hand if you know who he is??) in which he sings "Sunshine...on my shoulders....makes me happy". I think he wrote that song for me. Well, maybe not because I may not have been born yet. But, he could have written it for me. Winter here is sort of like solitary confinement; minimal light, bitter cold, and little human contact. Geez, with all the germs going around, I don't want any people around me anyway. BUT, I digress. I leave for work, it's dark. I come home from work, it's dark. I haven't seen my neighbors in months, except for the occasional vision of them in fluffy down coats and woolly scarves covering their faces, venturing into the blowing snow. Since November 15th, we've had approximately 14 days of mostly sunny skies. That's 2 weeks in 4 months. Ouch! Then, one day... I leave for work, step out into the cold...and have to squint. No more darkness. I need my sunglasses. The clouds part, the birds start to sing, I have a smile on my face...and I,too, start to sing, "Sunshine... on my shoulders... makes me happy". While not necessarily a pleasant voice (imagine fingernails on a chalk board to music), my voice is joyous. I don't need a groundhog to tell me spring is coming. I only need the warmth of the sun on my face, and my shoulders, to tell me that brighter days are ahead. Let the warmth of the sun be the bright spot of your day.

Until next time...

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  1. Yes I think we are all looking forward to Spring, sunshine and warmer weather.

    And I do remember John Denver very well, he was popular in my day and age. He recorded the song "Sunshine" for a movie by the same name. It was a lovely but sad movie about a free spirited young woman who wrote a book about her last days...she was dying of cancer and wanted to leave some legacy for her young daughter. I have seen the movie, but never got around to reading her book...guess I should do that someday soon. Thanks for reminding me. :)