Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Treasure Map

My mother, my sister, and I embarked on an interesting journey this week. We've gone on a treasure hunt. Not for buried chests hidden deep underground or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but a journey of finding things in life that matter to us; finding them and making them our own. Whether it's love, success, money, healing, or just some peace, we all have something that we want, some things more tangible then others. We got together and decided to create treasure maps for ourselves. All of us brought magazines to the table, everything from golf magazines (none of us golf, but there were a lot of interesting things) to the supermarket tabloids (we read a lot of those). In a nutshell (feel free to ask for the unabridged version if you'd like to start your own),the purpose was to cut out words and pictures that represented what we were looking for, our treasures, and gluing them together on paper. In theory, it sounds simple enough, but it forces you to really identify what is truly most important. Each of us then hung our own where we'd see it daily and be able to focus on it and visualize having these things and how good it feels. The individual maps are personal, but I will share one little affirmation I cut out that speaks volumes. "Happy Energy". I see my treasure map every morning as I'm starting my day. Happy energy is the center of all things good that I want from any day. Happy energy is the armor that keeps the negativity at bay and reminds me to stay focused on what is good. Happy energy is the bright spot of my day.
Happy hunting...

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