Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Another football season is coming to an end. Tonight is the game of all games, the pinnacle of the football season, the Super Bowl. To the men in my family, Super Bowl Sunday is like a national holiday. The whole world stops and it's all football all day. I just don't see the excitement or glory in a bunch of grown men running around slamming into eachother trying to get a ball over a chalk line. But, that's me. I think I'm the minority here. I am planning on spending my day making jewelry, away from the TV and the droning voices of sportscasters re-living Super Bowl moments of years past. However, come kick-off time... I'll probably watch the game anyway. Why you ask? Because I bought a "square", an opportunity to win some money based on the quarter ending scores. That's as good a reason as any I think to watch. So, to all who read this and watch the game, whether to root for your team or because you have a square... or just because you love the sport, let the Super Bowl be the bright spot of your day too. Go Colts and go Saints!

Until next time...


  1. lol!!! totally not the minority. men over here in the uk mostly are the same about football (your soccer). i usually find myself scribbling away on my PC when my other half is busy with the motogp when its on (thats his thing). thats if im not running around after my son! enjoy your sunday!

  2. I think I enjoyed getting ready for the game more. Making some special snacks and making sure there was plenty to drink!! Wink wink!!