Sunday, May 23, 2010

Productive At Last

What a productive day. I've renewed items on Etsy, I've tweeted, and now I'm blogging. Oh, and I also changed sheets, did a load of laundry, and vacuumed. And the day is still so young.

I think I'm going to pop in a movie and make some jewelry. Feel creative today. That's why I've been running around like a nut trying to get stuff done. Besides, if I don't walk away from the computer, I'm likely to sit here all day. Last night I tweeted for only the 2nd time. (My son usually handles that). I can easily see myself becoming a
Tweet-a-holic. It's cyberspace instant gratification. Some chatting amongst themselves and others promoting their wares...there's always something going on. Best that I leave the Tweeting to him I think. He's not nearly as fascinated by it and can just drop in for a few minutes and walk away.

In my zeal to be productive yesterday, I also created a Treasury, fondly called "Headbanger's Ball". Feel free to check it out:

No matter what else is going on, music is still one of the best escapes there is. I found a really cool Metallica chair and a David Draiman (Disturbed) painting, both of which I loved. Probably because they are 2 of my fave bands. I figured why not promote other people's love of the same thing, and thus, the treasury was born.

Well, I guess my time here is up. Now it's time to ease myself away from cyberspace and back to the land of manual labor. Being productive has been the bright spot of my day.

Until Next Time.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Much A-Blog About Nothing

Is there such a thing as a blogger's handbook? A how-to filled with topics when writer's block creeps in? All it would need is a running list: shoes, gardening, Lindsay Lohan arrest of the week, you get the idea. If you can write and think, then you can blog. Pretty simple. Not so simple if you don't know what you want to say, lol. Trust me, I can write for days about absolutely nothing. Other people do it every single day, in what I refer to as "Much A-Blog About Nothing" (not to be confused with "Much Ado About Nothing"). But interesting nothings.

It would be simple if the format was Monday = Weather Blog, Tuesday = Family Blog, Wednesday = Crafting Blog, and so on. But my daily life does not like schedules, and the universe would therefore conspire against me. Monday would be partly cloudy (not very exciting to write about), Tuesday my family would give me no good material (though they do every other day of the week:)) and Wednesday I'd be too busy crafting to take the time to write about it. Such is my life. How disappointed readers would be to tune in for Weather Mondays, only to read that my topic was not the cloudy day, but the fact that my cat bit my aching foot in her misguided effort to comfort me after a hard day.

So, be prepared. You have been warned. Here comes another blog about nothing. I'm sure that occasionally a "theme" will crop up, but for the most part, you'll probably get glimpses of me, my family (pets included), the creative process, and occasional nuggets of both information and minutiae. Who knows? Maybe those nuggets will come in handy if you appear on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or Jeopardy:)

Blogging about nothing has been the bright spot of my day.

Until Next Time....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Colors of Life

I've taken 2 steps back but have come 2 1/2 steps forward. Used to be that it was 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Not anymore. A friend of mine always says "The faster I go, the behinder I get". Sometimes that seems so true and it used to be a mantra that spoke to me. It no longer applies. In this case, I'm looking at the proverbial cup being "half full", and I'm, therefore, no longer behind, but exactly where I need to be. My life journey continues to evolve.

Someone very dear to my family passed away two weeks ago. She was 38. While not completely unexpected, she had been ill, one is never prepared for such a thing. I have been just a coiled bundle of nerves and emotion for weeks, both before and after. I kept busy just so I wouldn't have to think too much. When I stopped running around like a nut, I was filled with sadness, so I'd run some more.

These past couple of days, the fog has begun to lift. I have begun to feel the sparkle in my life again. Yesterday, there was a happy occasion and I was all dressed up, a little less critical of myself than usual. I decided that the dress, hair, makeup were "just right for the occasion". A few hairs out of place was not such a big deal; the fit and color of the dress was "just fine". Today I sat down and finished some jewelry pieces that I had started. I'd been so distracted that I'd start something and leave it lay. Now they are complete and I feel like I've accomplished something. I've added a bit of color back into my world.

My world seemed to come to a standstill 2 weeks ago, but the rest of the world was still moving. I am now moving with it, in stride, no longer running. Each day brings a bit more sunshine into my heart. I can think again and allow my emotions to be whatever they are. It is OK. There is no right or wrong here. I am where I am supposed to be. No more black and white here. I have color; the blues of sadness in contrast to the reds of fire and life, the greens of peace and calm, and the yellows of warmth. I am red. I am full of life, passion, and spirit. Let the colors of your life be the bright spot of your day.

Until next time...