Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anyone See the New Twilight Movie Eclipse Yet?

As a loving grandmother I took a nap yesterday and took my granddaughter to see Eclipse at midnight. Such excitement and happiness with her bouncing at my side. We waited in a long line, me the grandmother and her mixed in with all the tweens and teens.

These movies about young love and the frustrations hold the same interest as they did when I was young for the young today. A little twist with a vampire love has made these Twilight movies the hottest thing in a long time.

When we got to the theatre parking was already scarce, police were on duty and local tv stations were there with trucks. Young people in lines that wrapped around the building. All for the opportunity to be FIRST to see Eclipse.

My granddaughter caught up in the thrill was bouncing all over and telling me how happy she was. This was a "moment" we got to share and for that I am grateful.

That was certainly the Bright Spot of my day.

Here is hoping you will have "moments" to share with your loved ones.

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